About Mrs. Moushon

When I was in fourth grade, I announced to my teacher that I wanted to be a teacher when I grow up. I remember it pretty vividly, actually. We were sitting out on the lunch benches after a class run and eating some Otter Pops to keep cool. Maybe I decided it then because my third grade teacher had been my absolute favorite? My third grade teacher also gave me the award for Most Likely to be a Scientist, and now here I am, a Science teacher. 🙂

I’ve lived all over the country (Oregon, California, Hawaii, Virginia, Pennsylvania and Utah) and consider San Diego to be my home town. I’m not a military kid, though. My dad’s a chef who worked for hotels.

My husband and my son (Q) are my two absolute favorite people in the whole world. Q was born exactly on his due date in May 2014, and my husband was born exactly three days before me. We’re huge baseball fans in our family, and Q can already throw a pretty mean curveball.

I’ll admit that I have way too many recordings on my DVR. Fun fact: I LOVE watching competition shows. We usually watch Iron Chef America or American Ninja Warrior. Over the summer I spent time watching old episodes of Parks and Recreation on Netflix. If Q gets to pick the show, we’ll be watching superheroes (Batman is his favorite), Super Why, and this summer it’s been all about Inspector Gadget (MY childhood favorite!) and Llama Llama.

Running is my favorite hobby. When I was in middle school I absolutely hated running but learned to love it as an adult. I wish I’d started much earlier! This year I achieved the unthinkable….I completed my first ever half-marathon. At the same time, I coordinated a team of 100 people who collectively raised over $30,000 towards Pediatric Cancer research. Currently I am training for my second half-marathon. It’s pretty crazy considering I couldn’t even run a mile when I started out. Persistence pays off!

Okay, that’s me! 🙂