Fall Science Journal Resources

DateTitlePage #Resource Link / Notes
8/22Astronomy Unit Cover Page1RDesign and decorate a cover page for our astronomy unit.
8/23Solar System Audio Notes2RClick for Instructions
8/28Our Solar System Project Organizer3R-5LGlue pages in from this document
8/28Lift-Off Task: Our Solar System5RAnswer the questions found in this document
8/29Task 1: Engage6LAnswer the questions found in this document
9/7Task 1: Elaborate6RGlue in and answer page from this document.
9/21Task 3: Cl-Ev-R Outline7LCreate a color coded outline for our writing assignment.
9/25Task 3: Elaborate7RGlue in and complete this document. Refer to class data
10/2Notebook Check #18RGlue in this document.
10/9Forces and Motion Unit Cover Page9RLabel the unit name on this page. Design optional.
10/9CC Task 1: Engage10RGlue in and answer page from this document.
10/12CC Task 1: Elaborate (Peer Review)11LGlue in and fill in details from this document.

Partner 1: Rough Draft.

Partner 2: Rough Draft.
10/11CC Task 1: Explain11RGlue in and complete writing assignment from this document (Rough Draft)
10/16CC Task 2: Engage12L-12RGlue in the two-page journal inserts.

Fill in the data tables using these Scenario Cards.
10/17CC Task 2: Explain13RFill in the data tables using this insert.

Collect data by watching this Video Playlist.
12/7Notebook Check #214RGlue in this rubric.